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Representative 770% APR

Representative example: if you borrow £550 over 18 months at a flat rate of 180% per annum (fixed) with a representative 770% APR you will make 18 monthly payments of £113.06, repaying £2,035.08 in total. Rates from 45.3% APR to 1721% APR. A short term high cost loan should not be used as a long term solution. We are a broker not a lender. We don’t charge fees. We don’t sell your personal information. We may receive a commission from the lender.

Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to 

Classic Quid flexible short term loans From £100 to £5,000

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Consider Classic Quid when you need a little extra. It only takes a few minutes to apply for a short term loans UK.

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What is the minimum requirement for a loan?

  • You must be a UK resident living in the UK
  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must have a valid UK bank account
  • You must have a valid UK address
  • You must be employed and receive a regular income

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Get a loan up to £5,000

We’ve all been in situations where we’ve been short on cash or need money but can’t borrow from our bank. When you need money fast it can be very time consuming applying to the 100’s of lenders out there. We search over 30+ lenders in just a few minutes, saving you time. You can apply for a short term loan between £100 and £5,000, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Welcome to Short Term Loans Direct Lenders When It Comes for Extra Funds

An emergency is such a name that hassles one and all whether we’re salaried persons. Unforeseen expenses we face are more than our budget. That’s why; we have to seek loans so that we may manage excess expenses before they become terrible. If finding a loan is a hard nut to crack, short term loans direct lenders will be there to bless you in your hardship days.

Short term loans direct lenders are well-known to give emergency financial relief 24hrs a day and 7 days a week. It’s really helpful to cover an unpredicted bill or other unanticipated costs. You also don’t need to worry about what your emergency costs are. This loan is a solution with all the needful features you often would like.

With a trusted quick short term loans direct lenders agency like Classic Quid, you can apply online and borrow cash between £100 and £1,000 the same day you submit your loan application. A great thing about instant short term loans is that we offer a range of repayment terms relying on how much money you want to get, and you won’t need to be concerned about any offensive hidden charges either one.

What Is Short Term Loans Direct Lenders?

As the title pronounces, it is a short term loans direct lenders with low interest that is repaid within a short time like three months. Moreover, this is typically in systematic installments of twelve months. In general, you can either pay your amount back over three or six or nine or 12 months by relying on how much finance you get.

Short term cash loan UK is customarily made to cover the kinds of small or short-term expenses that simply can’t wait till your next payday. Thankfully, short term cash is generally acquired with a quick and simple process.

You can apply for the supreme short term loans online comparatively quickly and find out whether you’ve been approved shortly.

What Can the Needy Utilize Short Term Cash Loans for?

Every possession inside the home plays a vital role. In case you suddenly face emergencies like boiler breakdowns to health problems and car distress. Sometimes many expenses come around at once and put stress on your financial budget. You just need to go for a responsible short term cash loans like Classic Quid can offer the relief you need to deal with expenses like:

Home maintenance bills, consisting of boiler, washing machine or fridge repair or replacements Vehicle repairs, overhauling, or MOTs Other unexpected costs for instance insurance renewals or medical check-up bills

Why Choose Classic Quid for Short Term Cash Loans?

Even as your wallet is out of money & the situation becomes tight, it is essential to have full self-confidence in your decision before applying for a short term cash loans, a traditional loan, or street-type loan. Here at, we make things easier, evident, and convenient – and will always attempt to make sure you have all the details you need to make a perfect choice.

Here are some important facts to choose a short-term cash loans lender at

Quick Decision: Whenever you demand finance between £100 and £1,000 and you’ve applied it online through us, we’ll then send you a message about your loan approval or refusal in minutes. If approved, you will have your cash in your bank account within the same business day.

Flexible Repayment: Short-term cash loans except for other small loan products on our lending website are available with flexible repayment options. Customer who finds finance from us can choose a repayment period of 3, 6, 9, or 12 months depending on how much they borrow. If the customer wants the loan to repay early, he/she can do it.

No Extra Charge: We will agree to all your short-term cash loan costs upfront. Furthermore, we’ll never charge you any hidden or extra fees, as we clear all things in loan assignment before lending.

Responsible: We’re connected to a highly responsible credit brokerage agency and its lenders are members of the Consumer Credit Trade Association they carry out vigorous credit and affordability checks to ensure our loans are controllable or adaptable.

How Does Short Term Cash Loans Work?

Our loan products are one of the easiest and quickest loans in the United Kingdom. The unsecured nature of our fast short term cash loans makes them suitable for consumers. It means that you neither need to take the risk for your property nor need to ask any person to be a guarantor for a loan.

If you go to a lender or bank for a loan, you pass through an affordability credit check. But lenders are working in collaboration with us, ready to provide you money even after your poor or bad credit scores. They’ve some crucial loan criteria that are important to follow by you, for short term cash. In regards to them, you’re a UK citizen eighteen years old and blessing with a steady monthly.

Soon after, fill out your loan amount, repayment range, bank account, income source, expenditures et cetera in the online application; and press the button REQUEST FUNDS. Once your loan gets approved, you’ll receive it in your bank account within an hour.

How Short Term Loans UK Direct Lender Makes the Way for Easy Borrowing?

The emergency comes about in everyone’s life without any prior notification. If your hands aren’t filled with hard cash, it may be a hard nut to crack to exterminate unexpected expenses or other costs. Looking for extra monetary backup, you can opt for short term loans UK direct lender who is always ready to give you a smooth helping hand in a very short time.

The meaning of getting a short term loans UK direct lender is that a borrower doesn’t fix any meeting with a broker or third-party member to take out a loan. The loan deal is done directly between lenders and borrowers. It saves both time and money for consumers. How does it save finance for the consumer? A fraction of the commission goes to a broker, which is not done with short-term loan direct lender. How does it save time? A meeting with a mediator is canceled if you apply to a direct lender.

Short term loans UK direct lender may be your savior when extra costs or unforeseen bills carry you into trouble. These loans help you override unexpected pecuniary crunch circumstances.

At Classic Quid, we help you get such lowest interest short term loans in a hassle-free way. We appreciate that you would not like reimbursements hanging over your head for many years. You can pay your money back as arranged by us within a week or month if you would like so. As a result, short term loans lender can serve as your protection net. The flexibility of scheduled or early reimbursement makes sure you can manage the finance from the date of approval.

A short-term cash loan direct lender is fit and fine when you’re looking to cover some unnecessary expenses or other costs like a car or washing machine break-down, toilet or sewage fixing up, outstanding bank overdrafts, medical bills, etc.

Is My Less Than Perfect Credit Score Able to Take Out Short Term Loans UK Direct Lender?

Yes, guys who are keeping less than perfect credit scores or poor credit scores; enjoy short term loans UK direct lender in the United Kingdom. All the submitted loan applications to us we analyze carefully. You don’t need to concern if your credit rating is on the lower side. Our target at Classic Quid is to get you connected to reliable lenders who are always glad to lend finance to you with below-average credit scores. Furthermore, we don’t process short-term loan applications on an indiscriminate basis. Your capability to repay the borrowed money is also evaluated.

Here we offer specialized loan services and that elucidates why we’ve kept the loan application procedure abridged. That’s why; you get to know the precise loan amount you have to repay and within what time. We have both pros and cons when it comes to the method of operation. This is because we have earned fame in the loan arena across the United Kingdom.

To make borrowing from a direct lender much easier than traditional payday loans, you have to follow some loan pre-requisites. Short term loans UK no credit check terms & conditions are as follows: you’re 18yrs old UK inhabitant and having an income is worth repaying finance in time. In addition, you have got a bank account in your name.

What Are Fee & APR Structure and How to Get a Great Deal on Short Term Loans UK Direct Lender?

Fee & APR structure you’ll get better if you submit your loan request at Classic Quid. Have a look at fees and APR interest rate — these are the features that will decide whether you’re obtaining a good deal. We bequeath a comparison between our interest rates and our opposed competitors.

We’re way for offering lower interest rates while our main competitors are offering high-interest rates on such short term loans UK direct lender. They have APRs [Annual Percentage Rates] in the 1000+ percent range, but our APRs are far lower. We raise your spirits to compare our rates to all our biggest competitors and take a decision by yourself. So, you don’t need to wait for…! Apply for our short term loans UK direct lender from our lending webpage.

Our application process is completely online. You can process your necessary paperwork at the convenience of your home or office. You only have to mention all individual details in our simple loan request form exactly and forward it to us. If we find all data correct, we’ll send you a loan approval message on your phone or email. You need not visit our locations to receive your cash. We wire the finance directly to your bank account as soon as possible.

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